How to build a roster

These rules cover all 8 Tournaments and the Main Event The holy Grail.


No Stat Ups and No Randoms 

How to build a legit tv roster. Best thing to use is this and from there u can create many teams and when you have a roster you are happy with you can build a pdf or screenshot. After you build a roster, you must create a fresh team of your chosen race and join the corresponding in-game competition such that we can admin your team.

When your team have joined the competition,  contact an admin for the competition such that we can transfer the skill points and money you need to build your team ready for the tournament. When your team is built you need to wait for further instructions. Before we start a competition we will check to make sure all rosters are legal. If they are not you will get a discord message telling you what the issue is and to resolve it quickly. Failure to do so may see your spot go to another coach. .

If you are not sure of anything then please do not hesitate to ask an admin or our helpful community. 

Bernie and The Admin Team


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