Month: October 2022

Casino has opened for Season 4 – Get your Bets in!

Season 4 has allready started and the casino will open its gates today.  This season will feature the same great price(s) as last season!

Best predictor regarding regular league games (including bonus questions) will receive a free admin win with choice of MVP and 2 TDs. (11 SPP to assign to your players!)

Best predictor regarding playoff games and playoff questions will also receive a free admin win with choice of MVP and 2 TDs (11 SPP to assign to your players!).

And last but not least, the overall best predictor will receive a free transfer. The casino will sponsor all transaction costs! Moreover, this is an additional transfer such that you can have 2 transfers this season!

All winning bonus will be assigned to the team you will play in Season 5! Admin wins and transfer will take place after Season 4 has ended.

So the winners take it all and the second places are the first of the losers!

Don’t hesitate to join the betting fun!

We use the following setup in Season 4:

  1. We will bet on 1 game per Division at each match-day during regular league (starting from match day 2).
  2. The bet deadline will be friday 22:00 utc+0. If a game is played early, the deadline will of course be shortened.
  3. The point system will be the same as last season. (see casino rules)

The deadline for the first matchday and bonus questions is friday, 28th of October 22:00 utc+0.

Betting on Playoff matches will be similar to last season, more information will be revealed close to the playoffs.

It’s time to get your bets in!

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