Month: September 2022

League betting finished – Playoff betting starts

With the end of the regular season, we can announce the winner of the first part of these seasons casino competition.

Surprise, surprise, it’s me 🙂

But you dont need to worry, there are still two prices to win:

  1. If you had bad betting luck or have not participated yet you can still win the best play-off predictor price (Free admin win with choise for MVP and 2TDs), where everybody starts with 0 points.
  2.  If you where in the top betting group but missed the top spot, you have a good shot at winning the overall best predictor price (Free Transfer).

On the casino standings page, you can now switch between the different rankings for the prices. So don’t hesitate and get your bets in! 

This years playoffs will be a bit different regarding the choice of games:

  • On matchday 1, we will bet only on all SaS Trophy games.
  • On matchday 2,3, and 4, we will bet on all games in our three competitions.
  • And dont forget to get your bonus question answers in on who will win which cup (this time with a picture to show the participants of each cup).






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