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STUNS AND SKULLS “Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship event


The Holy Grail Challenge

Welcome Blood Bowl fans to the Stuns and Skulls World Championship event supported by Nacon. We have a “Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship Ticket up for grabs for the huge Blood Bowl Event in the last quarter of the 2024 calendar. Prizes and good times are promised and you can try and win it with us as we take a journey through 8 wonderful unique and fun tournaments as you battle it out to win a ticket to the holy grail. Both finalists of each competition will win a ticket to the Holy Grail finale,  and the winner of the Holy Grail will win the prized Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship ticket.

This is a massive and unique event tailored to embrace everything good about our stuns and skulls community and our identity. Even if you don’t win a ticket you will have lots of fun and be a part of some amazing matches and stories and that is what Blood Bowl is all about.These Tournaments come at you thick and fast and the first Tournament will see the registration open 20th February 2024 and will start  March 4th. Word of warning they will be limited spots for these Tournaments so get your registration in quickly so you don’t miss out. If you do miss one, don’t worry there will be plenty of Tournaments to join. 

Click here to join our Discord Server! where you can put your registration in. And this is where you will organise all your games. 

Last but most important, here is a trailer for the event:


Season 2 has started – Big Website Update!

Season 2 has just started and the standings for season 2 are now published on the Webpage. Besides that some more changes has been implemented.

Keep an eye on the website announcement channel as we might add some more features to the website during the season!

Get Ready for Blood Bowl 3!

Welcome Bloodbowl fans to Stuns and Skulls. After an amazing time on Bloodbowl 2 we now emigrate to Bloodbowl 3 and we invite you to join us in a season of fun, blood, touchdowns, collecting bounties and bragging rights. With everyone guaranteed once again to contest one of our famous and prestigious trophies could you coach your team to glory? With superstar reporter Max Stallion joining our media ranks and with plenty of shows and excitement on the way, what ends with Finals week, now is the time to get on this crazy ride. Come and join our discord for more details link below and if you want to see what a season of stuns and skulls will be like then please click on our google document for more details.


Registration is open now and the graveyard will be live on monday so you can get your teams ready for the new season. New season will start early March. Join our Discord!

Casino has opened for Season 4 – Get your Bets in!

Season 4 has allready started and the casino will open its gates today.  This season will feature the same great price(s) as last season!

Best predictor regarding regular league games (including bonus questions) will receive a free admin win with choice of MVP and 2 TDs. (11 SPP to assign to your players!)

Best predictor regarding playoff games and playoff questions will also receive a free admin win with choice of MVP and 2 TDs (11 SPP to assign to your players!).

And last but not least, the overall best predictor will receive a free transfer. The casino will sponsor all transaction costs! Moreover, this is an additional transfer such that you can have 2 transfers this season!

All winning bonus will be assigned to the team you will play in Season 5! Admin wins and transfer will take place after Season 4 has ended.

So the winners take it all and the second places are the first of the losers!

Don’t hesitate to join the betting fun!

We use the following setup in Season 4:

  1. We will bet on 1 game per Division at each match-day during regular league (starting from match day 2).
  2. The bet deadline will be friday 22:00 utc+0. If a game is played early, the deadline will of course be shortened.
  3. The point system will be the same as last season. (see casino rules)

The deadline for the first matchday and bonus questions is friday, 28th of October 22:00 utc+0.

Betting on Playoff matches will be similar to last season, more information will be revealed close to the playoffs.

It’s time to get your bets in!

Stunned Skulls Casino has opened

Get ready to gamble! You can now bet on selected play-offs games. Collect points and become our gambling champion!

The champion will get a special price that will be announced this evening in our big draft show! Turn on and join us tonight at around 10pm uk-time on Bernies Twitch!

Bet here! You must be logged-in to bet

The deadline for betting on all games is tomorrow evening at 6 pm utc! Beware that six more games to bet on are revealed after the draft is completed!

Who will win the most desired trophy?

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Who will win the wooden gnobler?
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Playoffs starting soon – Get your bets in!

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Who will win the playoffs?
13 votes


For those who use to play in the PS4 Champions ladder and have good memory will remember the brief cameo of the secret Triple B formula. It was used to figure out who should win the play offs. Using a very secret template the Triple B Formula had amazing results in the 3 seasons it was used. Tipped the Winner one season the runner up another season and then one season marked out a surprise team what went and won it as well.
So, after proving so successful in the first three seasons why did it just vanish? Well, there was tales of corruption and dark arts at work and even rumours the creator himself sacrificing souls to the Formula Gods to get the winner. When star Blood Bowl players started disappearing and the creator started getting Mansions as gifts from none other then Goblin Gambling for inside information. The Champions league bosses where in a panic and before they could act the formula just as quick as it entered the champions league it left just as quick and not to be seen again. The reality was the formula was bought by someone else and was then hidden away. The seller finals words to the new owner were “All that is gold does not glitter. The new owner nodded and left the secret forbidden place.
The Beginning
First words of this book’s existence were noted down many centuries ago and apparently a great explorer named دراغون
عظيم دب , found the fabled book in Lustria. Or did the book find him? Either way the explorer was overjoyed that he had finally found what he had craved. and now the book and its formula was now his. He scanned threw the book and came to this.
What did this mean? It must be some sort of code something important عظيم دب دراغون thought to himself. He turned
the page over and then his eyes filled with dread and his eyes saw this.
It wasn’t the dread of the pictures it was what was beneath, the time is not now, you have chosen death but do not feel pain or sorrow as you will rise like a phoenix when the time is right and fulfil your destiny or fail trying. That was the last we heard of the great explorer and the book for many centuries.
Rumours are the great explorer is back and now he is back to fulfil that prophecy. Whether this is just old wife’s tales or not it would make a great movie would it not. The question is who is the explorer and who is he trying to save for he must save to reap the reward he craves.
What we do know now is Stuns and Skulls Owner Bernie Buffon has done a deal to bring the secret formula to the league and we will see its true power in the season one play offs. Will the tale be true or just a myth to sell play off tickets? Not long to find out……

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