Month: February 2024

STUNS AND SKULLS “Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship event


The Holy Grail Challenge

Welcome Blood Bowl fans to the Stuns and Skulls World Championship event supported by Nacon. We have a “Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship Ticket up for grabs for the huge Blood Bowl Event in the last quarter of the 2024 calendar. Prizes and good times are promised and you can try and win it with us as we take a journey through 8 wonderful unique and fun tournaments as you battle it out to win a ticket to the holy grail. Both finalists of each competition will win a ticket to the Holy Grail finale,  and the winner of the Holy Grail will win the prized Blood Bowl 3 2024 World Championship ticket.

This is a massive and unique event tailored to embrace everything good about our stuns and skulls community and our identity. Even if you don’t win a ticket you will have lots of fun and be a part of some amazing matches and stories and that is what Blood Bowl is all about.These Tournaments come at you thick and fast and the first Tournament will see the registration open 20th February 2024 and will start  March 4th. Word of warning they will be limited spots for these Tournaments so get your registration in quickly so you don’t miss out. If you do miss one, don’t worry there will be plenty of Tournaments to join. 

Click here to join our Discord Server! where you can put your registration in. And this is where you will organise all your games. 

Last but most important, here is a trailer for the event:


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