General Rules

Is our premium competition. As it stands we have three divisions and 8 teams in each play pool. Everyone plays each other once and the top four of each play pool make the Stuns and Skulls play offs while the bottom four teams of each play pool qualify for the Wooden Gnoblars Trophy. More info can be read on the PDF in play off format channel on our discord server.
If two or more teams have the same amount of points then a tie
breaker is needed to find out who comes out on top. The Tie
Breakers are as follows and in this order.
1/ Head To Head result between both teams
2/ Td Difference (Td’s scored minus Td’s allowed to get your diff
3/ Most Wins
4/ Least Losses
5/ Highest Fan Factor
6/ Lowest Tv include missing players due to injury and loners to get
the right tv of the team. Lowest tv value goes threw.
7/ Dice Off

Fouling is part and parcel of Blood Bowl and is allowed in Stuns and Skulls as is turn 16 fouls. But be warned that even though they will be allowed a lot of coaches frown upon turn 16 fouls and expect payback if you where to meet that coach again. Or any coach who doesn’t like turn 16 fouls for that matter but its up to you. If you can handle the heat from turn 16 fouls or needless fouls then so be it. Blood Bowl is a deadly game and anything goes.

One thing that doesn’t go is conceding in the league. Conceding in the league can see you banned from playing in the league for a certain amount of time. Or fined or forced to drop a player as punishment. Conceding in the play offs is an automatic minimum one season ban at the very least. Admins will decide on all punishments to do with conceding games.

Swearing and banter are allowed and encouraged. We treat you like adults and expect you to act like one. But we will not tolerate any racist, homophobic or bullying of any kind to anyone in our league. Anyone who feels like they are being bullied please private message myself or an admin. And we will look into the complaint and act swiftly to sort it out. We are all here to have fun and be part of a great community. If u are found to have been Racist, homophobic or bullying then you can probably expect a lifetime ban from Stuns and Skulls.

You will need to ask an admin for permission to access the cheerleaders channel. As it contains adult content. Children will not be allowed to view this channel. Admins have the right to ban or deny any coach from having access to this channel.

You can have as many graveyard teams as you want. They all start of as new teams in the graveyard and can play as many games as you want them to. To play games in graveyard there is an order you have to use before spinning.
1/ Ask in graveyard to see if anyone is wanting to play
2/ when you have agreed to play an opponent make sure nobody else is spinning.
3/ If nobody else is spinning then make others aware you are both spinning and then when you have matched let people know u have matched.
DO NOT JUST SPIN if u haven’t got a game agreed. If Persistent blind spinning continues expect punishments handed out to the guilty coach.

No farming is allowed in the graveyard or league play and if caught will see severe punishments handed out.
Farming is basically fixing a game or not throwing blocks or letting a team get loads of xp without any risk. The Admin team will be checking games on cabal to make sure everyone is playing fair and not abusing the Graveyard. If you feel that you have come across a match that u expect has been abused in a way that breaks our rules please contact an admin and we will investigate and nobody will know it was you who made us aware of it.

Just thought I would add here in our Stuns and Skulls competition, that we actually do a live twitch stream where we draw all the teams participating in this season league randomly. The reason we do this is to add to the excitement of the new season. Stops you playing the same teams over and over again each season. Encourages you to play different opponents each season to keep it fresh and to hopefully make new friends with coaches you may usually not speak to otherwise. And the main one is it’s the fairest way to run the play pools and nobody then can be accused of giving themselves an easy play pool. All play pools are world play pools so the coaches can come from anywhere in the world. There is no usa play pools or European play pools.
Each Play pool will have an admin in charge of that play pool. So for season one the admins Bernie, Berzo and Dragoon will be drawn into separate play pools so we are guaranteed each play pool to have an admin to run it. When the admins are assigned we then move onto drawing the other 21 coaches.

One of the main ways you can grow the league and to make games exciting is to stream games of Blood Bowl. Stuns and Skulls also run an incentive program to reward coaches that stream games.
When you stream for our league we will expect you not to promote any racism or homophobic hate on your channel or anything of that nature what can bring the league into disrepute. Anyone caught doing this can expect sanctions or even a ban from the league.


In league play and play offs the UNDERDOG can ONLY spend a maxium of 40k of their own money plus inducements money. Anyone who exceeds to spend over 40k of there own money will have to concede the game and an admin will restart the game. If you are not sure of this rule contact myself or an admin who will explain it in more detail if you.

Im sure there will be stuff I have forgotten or missed and will go back and add them. But admins have final say on all rules and sanctions on things on here and are not on here. The admin team will be fair as they can be when looking at each case and try and be consistent with everyone. Welcome to Stuns and Skulls and me and the admin team wish you enjoy your time with us and help make this the best community and league on the Playstation.

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